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    CMAdog.com is the brand new version of the very popular Leading Example Coaching’s CMA Tool. Since 2005 Leading Example Coaching has helped thousands of Real Estate Professionals prepare a CMA.

    Featured in the “Residential Specialist Magazine (CRS)” our CMA Tool has consistently been a popular choice with Real Estate Agents across the world.

  • “New & Improved”

    CMAdog.com is the brand new and improved version of LEC’s CMA tool. We’ve taken the best features of our most popular software and incorporated them into an easy to use web application. This new tool allows Real Estate Agents to prepare professional CMA’s for a very low cost.

Current Market Analysis CMA Software

“Price it right, sell it fast.”

Anyone who has ever sold real estate knows the disappointment that comes from losing a listing to another agent solely on the basis of listing price. It happens all the time. However, leading real estate professionals know that nothing sells a house faster than pricing it correctly right from the start. That’s why CMAdog’s CMA Tool is one of the most valuable tools you can use to turn potential sellers into listing clients. Because when you price a house right, it sells.

Just the Facts, Please

CMA’dog’s CMA Tool is designed to be a voice of reason during the emotional process of setting the value of a home. This important tool will simply lay out the facts for your sellers, by showing them a RECOMMENDED LIST PRICE and an ESTIMATED SALE PRICE. Armed with this information your sellers will have to logically look at price.

CMAdog’s CMA Tool will take you 5 minutes to complete and will be your most valuable asset in the Listing Presentation. When it comes time to talk about price simply show your sellers your printout from the CMA Tool. Alternatively you can present your CMA on an iPad and simply forward your customers to custom designed webpage where they can view their CMA.

You'll be able to go over properties that are Currently Listed, Sold and Expired as well as a CMA overview, Recommended List Price, and an Estimated Sale Price.

CMAdog takes the second-guessing out of the equation by clearly presenting factual information to your clients about recent market activity, comparable listings, and actual sales prices.

Clients LOVE the new “Net Sheets”

Sellers want to know what they stand to make based on the sale of their home and often don’t realize what small changes different price points make in their net return. Our brand new Net Sheets show clients exactly what they can expect to net at the end of the sale. Net Sheets are available for both a straight percentage commission and split commissions – an informative tool that gets clients thinking in terms of real dollars – a powerful motivator in making the decision to list.

Easy to Use and Valuable to Have

Our software helps you through the pricing process fast, taking an average of just five minutes to complete. The software produces attractive charts (now with more visually exciting graphics!) that provide your prospects with the information they need to make a fact-based decision.

Easy to understand charts include an Overview & Recommendation Chart, List Price Chart, and Number of Days on the Market Chart and present your clients with information on:

  • Current listings
  • Recently sold listings
  • Expired listings
  • CMA Overview
  • Recommended list price for their home
  • Estimated sales price for their home
  • Map overlay of the neighborhood
  • Include pictures of the subject property and comparably listings
  • Quickly import your comparable listings
  • And much more...

No more anxiety or “back seat driving!” Our tool makes you the pricing expert!

Clients look to you for real estate expertise. This CMA Tool helps make that expectation a reality, by presenting your information in an easy to understand format.

CMAdog.com – Created by You

Our clients love our software, but they’re also not shy about telling us what we can do to make it better. Best of all, we listen! CMAdog was created by from feedback we’ve received from our customers over the years. We’re always willing to listen and make changes to fit your requirements.

Our latest version includes the following enhancements:

  • An easy to use navigation menu that simplifies the process to make you an expert fast.
  • A powerful Import Tool that allows you to quickly import your listings into the CMA Software.
  • New editing features that allow you to make adjustments to any listings on the report.
  • Brand new input forms to get your data into the software faster than ever.
  • Leading Example Coaching's CMA Tool (Version 5), is so easy to use you will be up and running in minutes. However, we have also developed powerful video tutorials so you can get the most from the software.

Customization Features:

  • Customize your reports with your picture or company logo, and contact information.
  • Adapt larger or smaller home prices, by making price adjustments, to reflect comparable pricing based on “like” amenities – a great feature for neighborhoods with a large variety of homes!

Here’s what people have said about our CMA Software

"Product sent very quickly. CMA is well worth the money. Support is Excellent!" – thebluegambler

"Great software, excellent support!" – airammdc

"Fantastic product - and thanks for your attentiveness & great customer service! " – buyingagent

"GREAT better than I expected, fast shipping, THANK YOU VERY MUCH" – 1214glenn

"Being one the areas top producers, I have always had a very comprehensive marketing proposal that included a great deal of information on how I was going to specially market a sellers property. However, my presentation lacked visually stimulating comparative marketing analysis. The CMA software from Leading Example Enterprises Inc. has provided me with exactly what I have been looking for to fill that gap. I found it easy to use and it has brought a whole new level to my presentations. I would recommend it to new and seasoned agents to help gain the trust of the Seller." – Jolene Rightmyer "Your Family Realtor" Audrey Edelman RealtyUSA Ithaca, NY www.SellsYourProperty.com

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